Canada-China Institute for Business & Development 2019-2020

Executive Summary of Annual Report

Public Events

  • Co-hosted an international conference on transformation of developing economies with the SUNY Plattsburgh, Laval, and HEC in Plattsburgh, NY. on Aug 31-Sep 1, 2019.
  • Conducted a seminar titled “All the Way to the Top: Innovation, Growth, and the Role of the State” with two economists from IMF on Oct 7th, 2019. The seminar was focused on the role of state in economic development and highlighted implications for under-developed countries in their catch-up efforts.
  • Served as the host of the 29th annual conference of the Canadian Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship, which was originally scheduled at Ryerson on May 8-9, 2020 and has now moved online on Oct 16-17, 2020. Five council members serve on the Academic Committee with Howard Lin chairing the committee.

China-related Research

  • Presented research on Chinese investment in Africa at the international conference in Plattsburgh, NY. On Aug 31-Sep 1, 2019.
  • Published papers on China-Africa business relationship in Journal of Public Affairs, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, and African Journal of Economic and Sustainable Development.
  • Submitted a paper on China’s Beit and Road Initiative (BRI) to the Journal of International Business Policy.
  • Submitted two grant proposals pertaining to the Chinese immigrant community in Canada.

Scholarly Exchange

  • Received a delegation from the Central University of Finance and Economics (China) and arranged their meeting at DMZ.
  • Accepted one-year sabbatical visit by Dr. William Wei (MacEwan University), who conducts research on BRI.


  • Received two visiting scholars from China: Dr. Dong Yu (Beihua University), and Dr. Ping Li (Changchun Industrial University).


  • Served on the board of the Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association.
  • Spoke to media on China affairs.
  • Delivered public speeches, for example, Kenneth Kalu’s guest lecture on Africa-China business relationship in Middlebury Institute of International Studies, CA.