2020 Canada-China Economic Forum III

DateDecember 6th, 2020

Time19:30-21:30 (EST), 16:30-18:30(PST)

TopicProspect of Canada-China Relations after the US Election

PlatformZOOM Webinar

OrganizerOptical Valley Institute for Free Trade

Canada-China Institute for Business & Development

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  • After the US general election, the US approaches to China are expected to be different compared to the current ones. Such policy changes might have a deep impact on Canada-China business relations as well. This upcoming event is designated to address the potential changes in Canadian policies to China. Influential experts will discuss and debate on what’s the best Canadian strategies to China in order to preserve Canadian national interests and rule of laws.


  • Gordon Houlden University of Alberta
  • Howard Lin Ryerson University

Part I (60mins): Viewpoint Presentation

John B

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